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Ready to start saving money on your yearly fuel bill?
Ordering your Econoburn™ wood gasification boiler couldn’t be easier.

1. Determine your heating needs…

Boiler sizing is based on the size of your home or building, the location of your home or building  (colder climates require more heat), and your home or building’s construction.

For example, the size, type, and number of windows and doors, the amount of insulation in the walls and ceilings, even the home’s direction (N,S,E,W) all contribute to the boiler sizing.

Examining the BTU rating of your existing heating appliance can be used as a good benchmark. Call us today at 1-970-275-9432  for a FREE analysis of your home or building’s heating needs.

View the chart of  recommended BTU output here.

View the Econoburn product specification list  here.

2. Plan for Installation…

We recommend the use of a licensed professional for installation to ensure compliance with local building and fire codes, and to validate the product warranty.

Recommended local installation provider:

  • Wild Country Plumbing, LLC.
    Montrose, Colorado 81403

3. Place Your Order…

Click the button below to contact us.  We will contact you to confirm the order, calculate total cost (including tax & shipping) and process your payment.  For your convenience, we can accept VISA™, MasterCard™, AMEX™, and Discover™ credit cards.  Card information will be taken over the phone.