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How It Works…

Econoburn’s wood gasification process dramatically increases burning efficiency and saves you money…

In conventional wood fired boilers, after the initial burning of the fuel, a large amount of combustible gas is released. This gas accounts for an amazing 50% of the wood fuel energy.

Unfortunately, due to inefficient combustion, conventional wood boilers fail to capitalize on this abundant fuel energy and most of it is lost up the chimney!

Econoburn™ wood boilers utilize a combustion technology called ‘gasification’ to capture, extract and transfer this energy that typical wood boilers simply waste.

Watch a video the Econoburn combustion chamber in action!

The gasification process…

As the wood is burned in the firebox, fresh air is blown downwards through the logs and coals. As this hot smoke and air mixture is forced into the combustion chamber, it is mixed with a second jet of super-heated air. This results in a torch like combustion of the retained gases, at spectacular temperatures exceeding 1800 degrees.

Almost all the gases are burned, with little residual soot or creosote, and the extra energy extracted is transferred to a full jacket heat exchanger. This extraordinary process allows Econoburn™ boilers to achieve thermal efficiencies of 87%!